Kashinath Institute of Technological Education had its humble inception in the year 1995, and ever since it has been growing from strength to strength with many a gem added to its jeweled crown. Located adjacent to the temple of the presiding deity of Baripada, Maa Ambika , it has been the pride and glory of Mayurbhanj in particular and Odisha in general. The student who have fetched honors to the institute and the teachers who are rendering dedicated service with more a motive of mission than profession really deserve the accolade.

Who had cherished very humble objectives when the institute was founded. Our dream was to make it a centre of excellence in Medical Laboratory Technology through affiliation to I.C.A.M. and I.M.T.R., Kolkata. Now after getting the approval of health & Family Welfare Department Govt. of Odisha, it has become a dream-come-true for our institute. The basic thrust of our institute is personalized coaching, maximization of student teacher interaction and wholesome approach to medical technology.
True power of a nation is its man power. Since Health is Wealth, the wealth of nation depends on its health man power. Therefore, "Health for all by 2000 A.D." is the slogan given by world Health Organization. But can the arithmetic progress of doctors, technicians and health workers keep pace with geometric progress of our population? Hence , it is imperative that there ought to be much more number of medical colleges as well as paramedical colleges. When the doctor-nurse ratio should be 1:3, currently there are less than 3,00,000 registered nurse against 4,00,000 registered medical graduates. Moreover, the actue shortage of pharmacists, laboratory technicians, radiographers & surgeons etc. it is a serious concern for every sensible & thinking citizen.

The success of a clinical laboratory depends on well trained, committed and dedicated medical technologist, and the success of a doctor's treatment depends on laboratory fendings.Therefore, producing good number of well trained, dedicated and committed laboratory technicians is the need of the hour, in the absence of a standardized form and criteria for the curriculum of paramedical teaching throughout the country, the things are in a mess. Therefore, we are trying to provide ample facilities both in material and practical work our comprehensive course along with exposure to hospital environment are meant for wholesome growth of the technical trainees. We have accepted it not as profession to earn money but as a mission to help bring medical assistance to every door.
To import teaching & training in medical laboratory technology.
To meet the growing demands & paramedical staffs in various private & Govt. Hospitals & Clinics.
To provide door to door health service by 2000 A.D.
To provide job facilities to meritorious students & self employment through our placement cell.
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